Scott Walker
AZ  United States

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User Name: ScottWalker
Age: 35 - 45
Gender: Male
Talent(s): Actor
Union(s): Non-Union
Media: 16 Photo(s)   1 Video(s)  
Joined: 1/16/2009

About Me
After being born in California and growing up in rural upstate New York, Scott enlisted in the US Army in 1982. He retired in 2005 after 22 years as an Infantryman and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. After so many years of military service, Scott soon realized he had no essential career skills in the civilian world.
    Facing an uncertain future and quickly running out of reserve cash, Scott saw an ad for Movie Extras in the local newspaper. Thinking to himself, "Hey I can stand around and do nothing pretty damn well, why not get paid for it?” he applied for the job. Scott was soon off on various auditions and actually landing paying gigs. While he did find a real job, he continued to pursue his new found acting career. After a short time, he realized that alot of the stories and scripts used in the various projects he worked on were pretty much crap; he became fed up and complained to his wife. She provided the motivation needed to explore writing by this challenge, "If you think you can do better, maybe you should write the scripts.”    
    With the gauntlet thrown, Scott answered an ad on Craigslist for a corporate video script writer on a whim. To his surprise, the company (ClearVision Studios) called him within minutes after he emailed them a sample script, that took all of 20 minutes to write, and offered him a contract. 
    Soon after, Scott realized he had a passion for writing and producing. After a few months, ClearVision Studios owner Michael Murphy, asked Scott to look at his brainchild Feature Screenplay; it had been worked on by two other professional writers but Mike felt it still needed something more in order to move forward in making it into a film. With a bit of trepidation at trying to rewrite his first feature length script, Scott delved into it with gusto. Once the rewrite was done, Mike felt it was now ready for pre-production. Nano Dogs - The Movie is the fruit of that labor. 
    During his two years at ClearVision Studios Scott worked as a writer, producer, casting director and sales representative. His credits include dozens of corporate video scripts under the umbrella of ClearVision Studios.
    Since leaving ClearVision Studios, Scott has freelanced as a script consultant, collaborated on other filmmaker's projects, and worked on his own original screenplays.
    In addition to writing, Scott is still active in the local Phoenix thespian community. His credits include film, television, stage and print. See IMDb for a complete listing and resume.
    Scott formed his own company, Bottomed Out Entertainment, in 2009 to promote his many projects.

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